We are a small family-run nursery in Odense, Denmark. that produces succulents and Jasminum polyanthum.

Our supplier number 50262 (which is visible on the plant passport) have always been known for high quality and diligence. And it will continue to do so, as we are working on developing our nursery and plant assortment to fit the needs of the modern day client.


Our products are sold through the danish salescompanies

Whole sale only!

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jasminum polytanthum jasmin blomst
jasmin, jasminum polyanthum
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Jasminum Polyanthum

For sale:

November - april.


Are used as: 

- indoor plant, as solitair and decorations.
- the branches are cut for bouquets.

- outdoor; as soon as there is no frost, it will thrive outdoors

Produced in: 6cm, 8,5cm and 11 cm pot.  Both on hoop, as bush  with branches.

Crassula radicans

A very cute flowering succulent perfect for easter and spring.

We have it avalible in 6cm and 10,5cm

Crassula radicans assortment
sukkulents mini mix


We are currently introducing a wide range of succulents in 6, 8, 10, and 15 cm pots. More information will follow as the assortment are more defined.